“INTIMATE, POWERFUL AND POIGNANT… Whether Bo paints portraits or sketches a moment, not a brushstroke is wasted… Bo’s voice ranges from rousing and energetic, to comforting and soothing, while tackling subjects that are truthful and meaningful. I suggest you treat your ears, heart and soul to Eyes So Soft”.
–KXCI 91.3 FM, Tucson

“THIS CD IS A JEWEL! [Lozoff’s] deeply resonant voice carries the lyrics well. Harmonies are beautiful and well-placed, the music stunningly mixed, clear, melodic, sometimes dramatic, in fine counterpoint to the words. This CD is a jewel exquisite, deeply moving, and reflective without ever overstepping. I cannot recommend it more highly.”
–Turning Wheel Magazine

Bo’s newest offering is a stellar collection of 14 original songs recorded live in the studio. His love of storytelling and life pour through simple and true. Bo threads images of memories like diamonds on strings of crisp, beautiful sounds. This is heartwarming folk-meets-country that makes you want to get out of your seat and swoon and croon along.

One compact disc; 14 tracks.