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3 months ago

From a woman whose son read HKF's books while he was in prison:
"My son was released and is thriving without bitterness, free of resentment, and casting an enormous net of love around all he meets. How does one thank all of you for prying wide-open a previously charred heart? I don't know. But one thing I do know is I LOVE you."

4 months ago

Art by Juan Rene Mendoza, Sonoma County Detention Center, Santa Rosa, CA

7 months ago

"Thank you for the books and the newsletters you guys sent to me while I was in prison. I learned a lot from Bo's books. I did time with peace and used the books as a guide to be good to myself, kind to others and to love myself and others. I am deeply grateful to all of you." --from a woman who was released this week in Texas
--with art from Scott Wallace

7 months ago

From a counselor at a county jail: "Today an inmate was telling me about the book “We’re All Doing Time” by Bo Lozoff. This is his first incarceration, he was assaulted and then had a serious suicide attempt. He’s been on suicide watch now for over a month. Well, another inmate gave him Bo’s book last week and it has been life changing. It was incredible to see this young man go from scared and suicidal to a person who is accepting of himself and his situation. He is meditating for ... See more

8 months ago

After requesting our free books for his incarcerated friend, Alex sent this note: "I just got off the phone with J, and he received the books today. He already read 'We're All Doing Time,' and he said he absolutely loved it! It couldn't have come at a more perfect time because he was really struggling when I talked to him yesterday, and he said that the book had helped him see his situation differently. It was really awesome to hear him sounding so much more upbeat! To be honest, I wasn't sure ... See more

8 months ago

From Jeremy, in prison in Arkansas: "Deep & Simple was give to me years ago and it changed my whole perspective on life and living. I was lost & void of hope. HKF has restored such hope! Thank you."
--with art by a local HKF volunteer

10 months ago

Hear Sita Lozoff, along with HKF board chairperson Chris Canfield and Kate Finlayson as they talk about HKF's new book and how the Enneagram can be used by people in prison. It's free to register, then tune in to the 3:00pm (Eastern time) session called "Nine Paths to Forgiveness: The Prison-Ashram Project Embraces the Enneagram."

10 months ago

From Sita Lozoff: "A friend recently sent me this clip of Paul Harvey reading one of Bo's essays. Once again, it moved me deeply. Enjoy, dear friends."

10 months ago

For about 10 years, HKF has partnered with a church near us to send hand-made holiday cards to everyone on North Carolina's death row. This is just one of the beautiful cards we're sending this year. If you have a faith community or other group that would like to do a similar project, let us know and we'll help you get started. It's a simple way to share your love.

10 months ago

Hand-made by Moog Music's Ileana Grams-Moog, to keep your loved ones warm and support the work of Human Kindness Foundation! Hats, lap blankets, and other gifts to help you bring meaning to your gift-giving.

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Kindness cannot solve every problem, but it can touch every life.
– Chris Canfield, Board Chair


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